Is it open seating?

Yup. Get your butt there early and your butt gets good seat.

How long is the show?

2 hours. Sometimes longer. Sometimes shorter #LengthMatters

Do I have to print my tickets?

No. Just show them on your phone. This ain't 1997.

Can I come if I'm in a relationship?


Does the show contain strong language?

Hell Yes. This show is about dating for fuck's sake.

Is the show in English?


Can I come alone?


Will it be good?

Yeah, Kevin Hart will be there.

Will Kevin Hart really be there?


Is this a speed-dating event?

Hell No.

Can I tell a story?

Maybe. At the show we have papers to share your story or roll a blunt.

Can I bring my date?

Yes, invite them all.  Dating is a numbers game. #RealTalk